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Build an AI assistant, design a surreal illustration, create a communication campaign.
Tech & data, design & product, digital marketing & copywriting - join a community of experts with the latest digital skills.

How does it work?
Joining the Circles community means accessing projects that suit you, but also building the future of work with us.
1. Create your profile
To propose to you projects that match your profile, we need some information. Sign-up on Circles and tell us about your skills to help us better understand your expectations. It is thanks to the precision of your profile that we will manage to find you projects that correspond to you.
2. Discover projects
As soon as we receive a project that corresponds to your skills and aspirations, we send it to you via e-mail. Hence the importance of filling in your information well: this will allow us to better understand your expectations.
3. Or start one yourself
If you have an idea for a project and didn't find your team yet, don't worry. Tap into our community of talents, showcase your idea and find team mates with the help of our community.
Exciting projects
Work has become a way to explore new roads, to find fulfilment in projects that excite you.

Finding projects tailored to you is our priority. That's why we take the time to know you as soon as you register. Technical skills, communication skills, and also your preferences are taken into account to offer you projects with which you feel fully aligned.

A great community
Being independent shouldn't mean being alone. Work alongside fellow creators, technologists and designers. Make lifelong connections with people just like you. You will be part of a community with the brightest solvers who share the same passions.
Be a part of something bigger
Open Source or Pro Bono projects, use Circles to put your skills in the service of society. Ecology, gender equality, education, the choice is yours. We will always allow you to change the world.
What are the benefits of joining Circles?
Select your projects and define your conditions: remote or on the job, full-time or part-time, alone or in a team, you can choose what suits you best.
Meaningful work
Our goal is to create an opportunity for growth for our members through complex projects, that last a long time. We help our members to create the impact they cannot possibly have on their own
No hierarchies
Circles are networks of autonomous and inter-dependent groups, where no one is in charge but everyone can take on acts of leadership in different areas.
Long term partnerships
We create the conditions for Circles to come together and support each other to do meaningful work.
People who are part of Circles are more resilient to the changing economic landscape, more confident, and more able to think and act strategically.

Self development
Circles is a place where you can have multiple partnerships simultaneously, and that's a rich source of knowledge, belonging, recognition, and accountability.
Global perspectives
Culturally diverse teams, research shows, can help deliver better outcomes and have the potential to be more creative because of the breadth of information, ideas, and perspectives that members can bring to the table.
A sense of belonging
We aim on creating a community with people that can contribute to the psychological safety of each other, people with high emotional intelligence and good boundaries.
Get started with Circles, it's free
Joining the Circles community means accessing projects that suit you, but also building the future of work with us.
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